Star Light, Star Bright

Cowboys are great about cogitating, there are so many mysteries on the prairie, especially at night when the landscape is lighted by the moon and a myriad of stars!

The star is twinklin’
to brighten the sky
on long prairie nights.
It seems so nearby.

That star in the sky,
it’s twinklin’ tonight,
makes a man wonder
about it’s old light.

The light is ancient,
it’s traveled so far,
a million light years
since leavin’ that star.

It’s a true myst’ry
as we ride along
‘neath this ancient star
with light still so strong.

A Cowboy’s Proposal

A lot of cowboys were confirmed bachelors…but some had the resources and the will to forego the siren call of the soiled doves in town and settle down with their true love. The proposal might have been in the form of a song.

I’ll give you my love,
I’ll give you my life,
if only you will
become my dear wife.

I love you darlin’,
the love of my life,
and I beg you now
to please be my wife.

We’ll live in the west
on this prairie land
and grow a fam’ly,
where life can be grand.

We’ll live on the land
like other folks do,
we’ll have our cattle
and garden crops too.

We’ll never be rich,
but never be poor,
just like the ranchers
who’ve lived here before.

So darlin’ I pledge
my whole life to you
and when we’re wedded
I’ll always be true.


Poets get inspired by most anything. This one came to mind when, waiting for an eternity  for photographic prints to be returned from a local photoshop, I was reminded of “Someday My Prince Will Come” a popular song from Walt Disney’s 1937 animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. It was written by Larry Morey (lyrics) and Frank Churchill (music), and was performed by Adriana Caselotti (Snow White’s voice in the movie).

I have a box cam’ra.
It ain’t very good
but I captured the west
as best as I could.

Then I sent off the film
for development;
it seems like forever
since that film was sent.

But I do have great hopes,
I am not naive.
Someday my prints will come,
that I do believe.

This is the Life?

There are advantages in being a cowboy, one of which is the freedom that you have when you’re out on the range. But, honestly, there are also some disadvantages as well…and Cookie seems to get more than his share of complaints.

Out on the prairie
Where cattle do roam
That’s where I’m happy.
It’s what I call home.

Winters are chilly
And summers are hot,
Winds are eternal,
But that’s what we’ve got.

Ride out at daylight.
Not home until dark.
Always a-wondering
Why life is so stark.

The cook’s always there
With chuck for the crew
But what he serves up
Is sure hard to chew.

He calls it cuisine
But his steaks are charred,
His coffee’s like mud,
His biscuits are hard.

He ain’t no poet,
Although he does try,
But he just ain’t good
At tellin’ a lie.