A Cowboy Poet Remembers

This poem was written on the recent death of a friend, one I had not seen for sixty-seven years. We were a part of a small informal group of singles, mostly in their late teens or early twenties who were employed directly or indirectly in the secretive nuclear industry managed by the newly formed Atomic Energy Commission. Residing in dormitories or company housing,  we found commonality and friendship in that lonely environment, teaming together for dining and recreation. Each became a special part of my life and I now stand as the only surviving member of the group.

Her life remembered, actions kind,
mem’ries linger and come to mind,
always caring, quick to commend,
a fine lady and faithful friend.

She rides a range that’s new to roam
in a far place she now calls home.
She is at peace, that much I know,
in that place we can hope to go.

I sense that she would wish us well,
and not upon our grief to dwell,
so I’ll remember her and smile
for that true friend I knew a while.