Hemp Oil

This old cowboy at some 90 years now, does not often endorse a product but when Congress recently allowed industrial hemp to be grown again in the United States and hemp oil started getting national press for various uses, I decided to try it as a possible help with chronic pain,  nausea, and lightheadedness. And no, the oil does not contain marijuana. Here’s the review I wrote describing my experience.

As a retired management consultant, I really value being a customer of a company which is responsive and customer oriented. R+R Medicinals is one such organization. Lars, one of the founders of the Colorado company, replied on the same day to my inquiry about their product. Their full spectrum hemp oil extract has eased a long term pain in my shoulder and arm and I credit it with relieving my chronic nausea (possibly caused by some form of anxiety). Although I am a new user of hemp oil and still in a test mode, I am pleased with both the product and its producer, a customer oriented business!