In the Dark

My poem “Western Moon” has just won an international challenge (and a prize of £100) sponsored by hourofwrites in the UK. The contest was judged by Dr. Kate McClune, University of Bristol, UK.  The challenge topic was “In the Dark.” Here’s the entry…

In the Dark

For this old cowboy poet, there ain’t nothin’ worse than bein’ in the dark whether it’s sufferin’ through the darkness of night or shiverin’ alone in the darkness of mind. Either one of those can be terrifyin’. But it can also be enlightenin’, dependin’ on your state of mind and your mood at the time.

Most times, in the darkness of nature’s night, there is the moon to stir the mind, to brighten the dark, and to shelter you from the inherited fears and biases of the ages. But there are hazards. That darkness, lighted by the moon, can have awesome, unexpected, and sometimes unwelcome outcomes as in this poem authored not long ago.

Western Moon

The western full moon is magic,
shinin’ up in the sky,
bright’nin’ up the whole universe
as time goes passin’ by.

It’s a mighty pleasant feelin’,
to see it shinin’ down,
like gettin’ a shot of moonshine
when you go into town.

That moon changes the whole landscape,
addin’ its moonlit hue,
makin’ all the shadows deeper
and soft’nin’ colors too.

It makes a cowboy handsomer,
the way he ought to be,
and makes ugly gals good lookin’,
the kind you like to see.

But it can lead you into trouble
with moonlit gals like that
and can quickly move from smoochin’
to things that might begat.

So avoid that moon if you can,
’cause it could change your life
and you might wake up some mornin’
with a real ugly wife.