My Fryin’ Pan

Cowboys didn’t carry much in their saddle bags and they felt kind of an attachment to some of their few possessions … even that bent up old fryin’ pan.

Today my fryin’ pan burned up,
it’s loss is evident,
and it shore leaves me a wonderin’
where my pan up and went.

I was just warmin’ up some beans
when it plum disappeared
and I might never get it back,
at least that’s what I feared.

It weren’t worth much as such pans go
but it was like a friend
and I’ll always be a wonderin’
how it’s short life did end.

It’s a mystery, that is true…
a puzzlin’ twist of fate…
just one of many that I’ve known
as time passed by of late.

I’ll worry a bit over it
and spread this sorry tale
to tell every one I know.
In that I will not fail.

I’ll say, “maybe them beans did it,
fulla methane and all,
and that pan just plumb exploded
in answerin’ nature’s call.”