Pitcairn Cowboys

I’ve always had a fancy for Pitcairn…it’s history and the life of its citizens. Although now at 88, I shall never get to visit that island, I frequently tune in to pitcairn.pn to see what’s happening.

Given that, as a one time youthful cowboy and now a published cowboy poet, I was moved to write this poem about cowboy life on the island.

Cowboys do live here on Pitcairn,
this island paradise,
tending their great herds of sea cows
‘neath deep blue tropic skies.

Them sea cows sure are a challenge
for cowboys, that I know,
’cause their pasture’s under water
down where sea grasses grow.

Cowboys, astride their sea horses,
face challenges each day,
dealing with watery pastures
where sea cows graze and play.

It’s a grand life for cowboys here,
as they tend to their herd,
and live this island life of ours…
at least that’s what we’ve heard.