Poem Hunter

You know, it’s sometimes tough being a poet. There are times when writer’s block hits the poet and the bucket full of titles just dries up like spit on the sand. It’s then that the poet gets down and dirty in hunting for a poem, accepting even the ridiculous as brilliant and sublime!

He had been on the trail for weeks,
hunting there, on his own,
but the target was elusive
’cause he did hunt alone.

It would have been much easier
had a friend come along,
at least company on the ride,
a ride so very long.

The target was so ill defined
just one line would not do;
it would take a full paragraph
to describe it for you.

But that long ride was tiring.
Vowing, when he got home
he’d give up the poetic search
and never more would roam.

But then he saw it at long last
his target, very terse.
It was a simple one he saw,
a poem with one verse.

Oh, yes, there was big game out there
but this one verse would do.
Better have just one stanza now
than wait around for two.