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With regard to government leaks,
why’s the press singled out?
They’re just being good journalists,
that’s what their job’s about!

To keep politicians honest,
that is the press’s goal,
and it seems quite fitting somehow
when their work takes it’s toll.

Is our Congress incongruous,
a question facing us.
I wonder as do most of you
if that is right for us?

Everyone loves me, that I know,
my cabinet told me so.
If they had told me otherwise,
I’d tell them where to go.

Make America Great Again?
We have always been great!
So live with that reality
and end the false debate!

They are in a real playground brawl
both are on the attack.
“You said bad things and punched my nose
so I’ll just punch you back.”

The White House does need a plumber
to plug those plaguing leaks
else they will just keep on leaking
despite our leader’s shrieks.

All leaks ain’t bad, you know,
some reveal tawdry tales
and other non-secret secrets
at which our leader quails.

If health care were to be renamed,
it would be no issue.
It’s because it carries “his” name
that causes them to stew!

Just rename Affordable Care
and it’ll pass right through.
Then the party will be happy,
they changed health care for you!

Alternative facts are so cool,
they help us on our way,
for truth is not a barrier
to things we want to say.

Butchers do make good congressmen
’cause how they create laws
is the same way sausage is made,
and what a mess they cause.

A hank of hair atop his head
and mischief in his heart,
you may support him if you will
but his program is à la carte.

Shifting sands of a lonely staff,
a leader gone astray,
they’re tired of making excuses
for what he does each day.

The scare ’em much philosopher
has disappeared from sight
and we’re not sad with his passing
just feelings of delight.

“It’s not what you’ve the right to do,
it’s what is right to do,”
I hope Congress adopts that thought
and starts some tasks anew.

Excuse me while I pardon me
for things that I might do.
Us great men have that right, you know,
but that right’s not for you.

We on the left are right handed
that’s our best attribute
and we know that the left is right
so we’ll give you the boot!

Everyone should be consistent
in things they do and say
so I change my message daily
that’s my consistent way.

He was a very healthy man
until he read the news
about repeal of his health care.
‘Twas then he got the blues.

I’m planning to sue this airline,
they threw me off my flight.
All I did was grope that cute gal,
just like our leader might.

Elections are quite a horse race.
We hope our bet is right
but now and then we truly goof
and rightly feel contrite.

Climate change is political
some people seem to think
as they dispute modern science
as done by some weird shrink.

Fake News is deadly, that we know.
We spout it every day
and come unglued at press reports
which repeat what we say.

In Congress they once worked as one
and somehow things got done
but today they’re hardly speaking
and it’s no longer fun.

They’re determined to pass something.
Their chamber is the loo
and they are fully determined
to pass this thing for you!

He has a great plan for health care,
it’s worthy of a try,
but he isn’t in our party
so it will never fly.

In a departure from western and cowboy poetry, this poet looks at the media of today. I was raised in a household which could be quite tumultuous on election day … dad was a republican (a Lincoln republican, he said) and mom was a dedicated democrat. That left me nowhere to go except to become a mugwump, a fence sitter with my mug on one side and my wump on the other. Hence my lack of party fidelity and my unaffiliated point of view!

PolitiTwitsTM are inspired by some of today’s journalistic topics and neither party is immune from this journalist’s dripping pen. The twits  are copyrighted and, if reprinted in any form must provide attribution, specifically “©2017 by Clark Crouch” and specific permission is required to publish the verses in any commercial publication regardless of whether such publication is in print or in digital format. Permissions: cecrouch+permissions@live.com.