In the old days, before helicopters and four-by-fours invaded cow country, cowboys actually rode horses to accomplish their work. That sure gave them a lot of time to think and wonder about just darn near everything. Of course answers often eluded them but the questions remained to cogitate on the next time they rode out.

My feet was in the stirrups
and the reins was in my hand
and I began to wonder
as I rode out for the brand.

I rode toward the sunrise,
just a lookin’ for some strays
while I was still a wondrin’,
about all these western ways

Us cowboys like to puzzle
about almost ev’rything
such as how this earth was formed
and how prairie birds can sing.

How the gals in town survive
tendin’ drinks at the saloon
and when can I retire
darn, it just can’t come too soon.

But I rounded up the strays
and I headed them back west,
my won’drin day is over
and it’s time I got my rest.